Important Considerations

This section covers key concepts that you should be familiar with before diving into the game mechanics.

Ownership in MFL

There will originally be two fundamental roles for users to play in MFL, depending on the assets (NFTs) they hold.


In MFL, we refer to the holder of a player NFT as that player's AGENT. In-game, Agents essentially hold the economic rights to their players. Agents can acquire more clients (i.e., Players) via Drops and the Marketplace.

By contributing to their development and overseeing their financial affairs, Agents can steer their players' careers in the right direction. You can participate in MFL as an Agent even if you only own a single player NFT. You will be able to monitor your player's progress, train him, and try to find the perfect club for him. You will also reap the rewards your player earns along the way.

Club Owners

A CLUB OWNER is a user who holds a MFL Club NFT. You do not have to own player NFTs (i.e., you do not have to be an Agent) in order to compete with your club. As you will find out in Contracts, Club Owners can recruit players to their team by negotiating with their Agents.

Club Owners can also choose to make players whose financial rights they hold (i.e., players for whom they are the Agent) play for their club. Top-tier clubs may want to leverage their own portfolio of world-class athletes, as well as their negotiating skills and connections with other top Agents, to form the best team possible.

When you own a club, you become its Chairman, CFO, Director of Football Operations, Manager, Coach, Head Scout, and everything in between. However, we are planning to allow users to share a single club's duties in the future. See Looking Ahead for more on that topic.

Please read The following sections deal with game mechanics that, for the most part, aren't yet clearly defined. While we have tried our best to articulate our ideas and expectations, nothing is set in stone. We are, at this stage, unable to disclose information on many components of the game, including details pertaining to the game engine, algorithms, and other such computations. We will build the game through trial and error, with many iterations as we gather more data and feedback.

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