Acquiring a Club

Club Licenses

A club license enables its holder to set up and register a club. The following information can be found on each license:

  • The Division in which the club will compete in its inaugural season.

  • The club's geographic location: Country and City.

Licenses may be obtained during Drops, which usually occur during the offseason. There is no limit to the number of licenses that may be purchased or the number of clubs that can be established by a user. The number of licenses available in drops will be determined by demand. We will carefully examine user data each season in a bid to achieve an optimal club-to-user ratio.

Users who join the initial Club Drop will have a unique opportunity to secure the right to compete in the highest divisions when the first League season officially kicks off. Subsequent Club Drops will only contain licenses for clubs in lower divisions.

Secondary Market

Users who missed out on a license during Club Drops can acquire a club on the secondary market. Clubs are tradeable on the MFL Marketplace and external Flow marketplaces, whether they have already been created or not. (i.e., club licenses are also tradeable.) Prices will likely vary tremendously depending on the Division the club is playing in, its prestige, achievements, or the value of the players it has under contract.

Purchasing a club means you gain control of the club and are able to compete using the players it currently has under contract, if any. Ownership of the underlying assets (i.e. the player NFTs) does not change. Please read Important Considerations to get a better sense of this concept.

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