Meet the Team


Mathurin Blouin is the CEO and visionary behind the MFL ecosystem. Prior to getting into web3, Mathurin oversaw both product development and trading activities for Unibet and its 300,000 monthly active users as the Head of Product and Trading, while managing teams in France, Spain, and Italy. Together with Yann, he co-founded LineMeUp, a Daily Fantasy analytics platform covering Football and the NBA. Mathurin is a PSG Fan and a staunch Flow believer.

Yann Uzel is the CTO for MFL. A builder at heart, Yann oversaw the development of many projects and has served as CTO for a variety of startups. He has also worked on larger-scale projects, notably in the pharmaceutical and defense industries. While he's an accomplished and versatile full-stack developer, Yann likes to put extra emphasis on visual aesthetics. He enjoys making generative art in his spare time. Yann is a Olympique Lyonnais and Juninho supporter.


Karl Thyer is the Creative Director.

A talented artist and illustrator, he has previously worked in the football industry with references at Liverpool Football Club, The Premier League, B/R Football, and BBC Match of the day. Karl brings a visual quality that is recognizable to football fans. He has Liverpool in the veins.

Lucas is MFL's Community Manager.

He is a sport-loving web3 enthusiast with a background in operations and marketing within the hospitality, tourism, and gaming industries. Yet another Frenchman, but one who has found a home on the other side of the world, Lucas joins the team to assist with our community management and growth efforts. Lucas is a broken-hearted but loyal AS Saint-Etienne fan.

Other contributors

We would like to thank all of our Discord OGs for their feedback and enthusiasm, and for helping us foster such a positive environment on the server. A very special thank you also goes to our Captains for their efforts and dedication.

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