MFL Player profiles contain the identification details that set them apart visually and administratively.


The first—and most striking—layer of a player's identity is his appearance. MFL players are minted with a unique set of visual traits, giving each of them a distinctive look. The traits come in varying levels of scarcity, meaning some players will inevitably sport extremely rare combinations of features and stand out from the rest. Players' visual identities are randomly generated and cannot be altered.

These features are purely cosmetic and will not affect gameplay in any way.

Personal Information

Up next is the players' personal information. These characteristics are also given to players at random during the minting process.

Name and Nationality

Names and nationalities are generated randomly and taken from real datasets. We used the Top 50 countries in the FIFA world rankings at the time of creation to determine which ones would originally be represented, and at what scale. The top real-world football nations have a larger pool of players in MFL, while lower-ranked countries have fewer. We may add more nationalities to the ecosystem in future player drops.

Age and Height

  • Age Packs in the Player Drops will feature players 16 to 28 years old. However, the chances of getting players at either end of that spectrum are fairly low. At this point, the chances of minting a player aged 25 or older are roughly 13%, while a majority of players will be 22 or younger when generated. However, this is subject to change and we will review the probabilities before each Player Drop.

  • Height Height data is stored in centimeters. At present, the average MFL player height is 181cm, with a maximum height of 206cm. Height will have no effect on gameplay initially, but it may play a part in future iterations of the game.

Position(s) and Preferred Foot

  • MFL players have a primary position, which is the first one listed on their profile. The primary position also makes an appearance on the card design.

  • They may have up to two secondary positions listed on their profile. Players will feel more at ease—and perform slightly better—when playing in their primary position rather than one of their secondary positions.

  • Players are also given a preferred foot which indicates whether they tend to prioritize their right or left foot when passing, shooting, or dribbling. This will not affect gameplay initially, but likely will play a part in the future as the game engine becomes more advanced and complex.

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