For a player to extend his stint at a club, or join a new one, both parties need to reach an agreement and sign a contract. Clubs need to have players under contract to be able to register them in competitions, even when club owners use players for whom they are also the agent.

Creating a contract is simple and only requires the club and player representatives to agree upon two parameters.

  • The duration of the contract

  • The remuneration package

Contracts are managed on-chain and can only be created and signed during transfer windows. It is also worth noting that players who are under contract can still change hands. The player NFT can be sold and purchased, but the contractual obligations would remain. Players may only be under contract with one club at any given time.

Contract Duration

The contract duration defines the number of seasons the player will be required to play for the club. The maximum duration is four seasons, and contracts can be renewed during the final season.


Players are given a percentage of the club's earnings in exchange for their services. The Club Owner and Agent must agree on a percentage of all rewards, in $MFL, received by the player's team from competitions to be shared with the player.

Clubs will eventually be able to have multiple teams. When that is the case, the agent will be entitled to the agreed-upon percentage of the rewards earned by the contracted player's registered team, rather than club.

The agreed-upon entitlements will automatically be transferred to the player's Agent as soon as the club receives prizes from competitions the player's team participated in.

Use your budget wisely to maximize your chances of success while keeping a share of the rewards for yourself!

There are no revenue sharing minimums or maximums. A club owner can choose to share 0% to 100% of the rewards with players. When the Club Owner employs players for whom he is also the Agent, the incentive is set to 0% by default.

Contract Termination

Users will be able to terminate contractual relationships by mutual decision. All parties need to agree for the contract to be broken. MFL also reserves the right to alter or terminate contracts in the event users are found to be in breach of the terms of use or have been inactive for an extended period of time.

Early on, reward sharing will be the only form of compensation. Future versions of the game may include alternative remuneration options, such as salaries and bonuses.

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