Potential and Longevity

Two additional values, which determine their potential and longevity, are randomly assigned to players upon creation. In contrast to the aforementioned core skills, the rating allocated to each of these attributes cannot change over time and is not visible to users. They are sometimes referred to as "hidden" attributes.


POTENTIAL represents the highest possible OVERALL rating a player can achieve. Players with a higher POTENTIAL rating will be able to improve at a faster pace. The POT rating ranges from 0 to 99. You can skip ahead to Player Development to learn more about that.


LONGEVITY relates to how long a player may maintain peak performance before their abilities deteriorate. Players with a high LONGEVITY rating will enjoy longer careers. The LON rating can range from 0 to 10.

To determine which players are truly worth investing in, you must first get to know them; nonetheless, only time will tell if your instincts were right!

Aging in MFL

MFL players are not immune to the marching of time. A player's age increases by one year after each season. Performance begins to degrade past a certain age until the player finally decides to hang up the boots.

You will need to keep a close eye on your players for signs of decline, which could indicate they are inching closer to retirement. While their OVR won't decrease, their in-game performance may be affected. In future versions of the game, it may become possible to rely on hired personnel—such as medical staff or coaches—to more accurately predict player longevity.

We intend to eventually allow players to transition into a career in football operations after they retire. As a result, some retired players would retain utility by contributing to the success of clubs as a coach or scout, for example. We may implement other ways for retired player NFTs to retain utility in the future.

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