The greatest managers often happen to be the best tacticians. MFL club owners must learn and experiment to find the optimal way to utilize their players, but each contest may warrant a different recipe.

Tactical Adjustments

Managers have an array of options and adjustments to make in the Tactics screen, and will have to decide on the following ahead of each match.

  • Starting Eleven and Substitutes Choose from the players registered for the competition and enter them in the match sheet.

  • Formation Select the formation your ten outfield players will adopt during the match from a list of options.

  • Team Mentality Pick your team's overall approach from various options, which affect the density in different zones of the pitch. Selecting a mentality geared toward attacking, for instance, will encourage more players to make runs, join the attack, or stay forward during set pieces.

  • Team instructions Choose the main playing style your team adopts when in and out of possession. This may include options related to build-up play, preferred attacking zones, the team's defending style, etc.

  • Player Instructions Give your players individual instructions that affect their tendencies and behavior during matches.

We will release further details about these mechanics as soon as we are able to. In the future, more intricate options will be available and users will be able to fine-tune their tactical approach.

Team Chemistry

Football is a team game, and adding talent to your squad doesn't always translate on the pitch. Teams will need to display solid chemistry to ensure they can be at the top of their game.

Team chemistry will initially be based on two factors. Players of the same nationality will naturally have higher chemistry, which is also the case for players who have played many matches together. Other factors may influence team chemistry in future iterations.

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