Value Creation

Blockchain games grant users the opportunity to generate value by playing. While we think this has the power to revolutionize the gaming experience, we believe that the primary motivation for gaming is—and should always be—to have fun.

Having said that, here is a quick overview of how you can make your assets work for you in MFL.

Competition Rewards

As you already know, club owners will be able to register their clubs in competitions. Two main factors determine the quality and quantity of the rewards users will receive for participating in competitions:

  • Placement in the competition

  • Type and prestige of the competition

In Leagues, higher divisions will warrant better prizes. For Tournaments, their difficulty, size, and prestige will largely determine the rewards' worth. Users will be able to view the rewards for competitions prior to entering them.

What are the rewards?

In MFL, the rewards will come in the form of MFL Coin ($MFL), which are redeemable for MFL assets. $MFL is usable in the MFL Store and to pay for competition entry fees.

The details and naming for this system are still being worked out. We hope to have more information to share shortly.

Asset Yield and Return

Agents play a vital role in their players' development. A player's value may rise if he improves or performs well, offering his Agent the opportunity to capitalize on that progress. Should the Agent decide to continue working with the player, the Agent can instead benefit from the contractual arrangements they strike with their player's club.

In the future, other asset classes will allow users to earn rewards. Head over to the next page to learn more about our long-term plans.

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