As you may have read in Player Development, training allows players to increase their attribute ratings. Training also affects players' Conditioning and performance levels on the pitch.

Conditioning and Training have an interesting, two-way relationship: Players train more efficiently when their Energy and Morale are high. At the same time, training may help boost Morale and has a direct influence on Match Fitness.

Types of training

Players can participate in one training session per day. Users will be able to choose from different types of training to assign each player to.

  • General training splits the workload between all areas of training, giving players a chance to work on every part of their game.

  • Aerobic training mainly focuses on the PACE and PHYSICAL attributes.

  • Ball control training makes players work mostly on their DRIBBLING and PASSING.

  • Attacking sessions helps players develop their SHOOTING and DRIBBLING ability.

  • Defensive training has DEFENDING and PHYSICAL training as its main focus.

  • Goalkeeping sessions help goalkeepers sharpen their skills.

  • Tactical training allows players to grow more familiar with the manager's overall game plan and helps with team cohesion.

Players who don't have a club will still be able to train, and their Agents will be able to conduct the full training schedule. Club owners control training for the players they have under contract.

Training Intensity

Users can set the level of intensity for each training session. There will likely be three intensity levels to start with. A heavier workload means that players will improve and gain Match Fitness faster. On the other hand, Energy will deplete more rapidly, and the risk of injury during training will be heightened.

Other Training Facts

  • Agents will be able to run at least one weekly training session with their players to help them work on their conditioning or specific skills, on top of the normal club training schedule.

  • Having higher-rated practice buddies can positively impact players. Making them train alongside better teammates will be beneficial to their progress.

  • In future iterations, players may be able to learn a new position and/or special abilities.

Remember to monitor conditioning levels. As a club owner, you can make players skip training sessions to help them regain Energy faster.

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