Energy, Match Fitness, Morale, and Injury Status are the components that make up a player's condition. These variables will be subject to frequent changes during, after, and in-between matches. Agents and club owners are able to view their players' conditioning levels at all times.

Player Condition

Let's go over each of the variables in more detail.


Energy represents a player's current physical shape, which gradually falls during matches and training. The rate at which it decreases depends on the players' work rate and tactical instructions during games, as well as their training intensity. A high PHYSICAL (PHY) rating slows this process down and helps players stay fit for longer periods of time. Low Energy is associated with reduced in-game production and an elevated risk of injury.

Match Fitness

Match Fitness is a gauge of how acclimated a player is to maintaining peak physical shape. Players with a very high workload will lose Energy, but their repeated efforts will help them gain Match Fitness. Players who are rusty because they haven't played a lot of games, were out for extended stretches due to injury, or haven't trained adequately will have low Match Fitness. Low Match Fitness, like low Energy, leads to poor performance and an increased risk of injury.

Keeping the finger on your team's pulse will be essential. Overusing your players on the pitch or overtraining them will lead to fatigue (i.e., Low Energy). On the other hand, resting them too often will hurt their Match Fitness.


Morale gives managers insight into a player's mindset, confidence, and enthusiasm. Team performance, playing time, or how a player feels about the way the club is run are all factors that can affect his Morale. Low morale among players can significantly impair their performance.

Injury Status

Injured players cannot participate in matches. The severity of injuries determines how long players will be sidelined for. A player's recovery time can range from a match to an entire season.

Due to the fluctuating nature of these variables, they will be managed off-chain. All other player attributes are on-chain.

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