Creating a Club

Making it Yours

Those who were fortunate enough to obtain a Club License will be able to begin their journey as Club Owners. To get started, one must first establish the following.

  • Name Enter your club's name.

  • Logo Upload your own logo or use the built-in Logo Creator tool to design one.

  • Background information Write a small description of your club's identity or history.

  • Colors Select the primary and secondary colors your club will sport.

  • Home and Away kit designs Choose a design for the kits your players will wear from a selection of patterns.

We reserve the right to change or remove names and logos that are deemed offensive or that use copyrighted material.

As a reminder, each club's geographic location is pre-determined and included in the club license. While this will not be the case when the game first launches, we intend to introduce geographically restricted Competitions in the future.

Out with the old...

Club owners who have changed their minds or who have just acquired a club on the secondary market will be able to update their club's details.

Renaming and Rebranding

Users who have had a change of heart about their club's identity or feel it's time to freshen up the branding will be able to do so. All of the details listed above can be altered.


Do you need a change of scenery? MFL uses real-world cities, so you will be able to take over your hometown or dream destination. In an effort to spread things out a little, we are implementing a cap on the number of clubs that each city and country can host. The maximum number of clubs allowed per country or city may differ based on the size and footballing reputation of each location.

Renaming, rebranding, or relocating a club incurs a fee, which is higher for better-ranked clubs. There may be limitations on how frequently a club's information can be changed.

Information pertaining to the management of clubs can be found in later sections, starting with Team Management.

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