Looking Ahead

We have big plans for MFL, but we do not want to bite off more than we can chew, and we will build at a manageable pace. This section deals with some of our long-term objectives and ambitions. While we hope to add the following elements to the ecosystem at some point, they are all very much in the ideation stage of the process.


  • Future asset classes, such as infrastructure items, could have varying rarity tiers, and—like players—would be dynamic and upgradeable. This would add an extra layer to the ecosystem and influence existing mechanics. For example, a more advanced training center could make training more efficient. A bigger stadium would bring in more advertising revenue. A better scout would be more accurate in evaluating players, and so on.

  • Players may be given a more complex set of attributes and abilities at some stage.

  • Cosmetic assets could also have varying degrees of rarity, giving users the opportunity to make their possessions really stand out from the rest.

  • We could also see a world where MFL is fully interoperable with a user-controlled video game, either through internal development or by partnering with an existing football video game franchise.


  • As you may have read earlier, we are working on giving clubs the ability to split operational duties between several users. We envision a football metaverse where top-end clubs are full-scale organizations with a board of directors and a wealth of other stakeholders, department heads, and personnel.

  • Some of these initiatives would have to be largely community-driven. It's not hard to imagine such clubs building a real fanbase, creating associations, and even media covering the teams or competitions. Maybe these additions could eventually have repercussions in-game, where clubs with a larger fanbase (in the form of social media following, for example) would get a slight advantage over the competition when playing at home.

  • We expect the ecosystem to gradually evolve into a community-owned decentralized organization, where builders can create value for—and from—the MFL ecosystem in a permissionless manner.


  • We are exploring the idea of an MFL token, but aren’t actively working towards that as of now.

  • Similarly, burning or staking could become a thing in the future, but none of that is a priority for us at the moment.

  • We are hoping to partner with famous brands in the future. Sponsors may want to get in on the action and become a source of income for clubs.

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