Club Owners will be able to register their squads in many different types of tournaments. Tournaments will come in various formats, from single elimination to complex multi-stage brackets.

Competitions for everyone

We want users to be able to compete in all sorts of competitions, regardless of their budget or time commitment. That is why some competitions will have registration restrictions based on various factors, such as the following.

  • Age restrictions: Some tournaments will have an age limit, where teams can only be composed of players under or over a certain age to join.

  • Regional restrictions: Some competitions will only be open to clubs in a specified geographical area. It might be a country (with national cup-style events) or a continent. (European clubs only, for example.)

  • Rarity restrictions: Some tournaments will only allow squads made up of players from one or more defined rarity tiers.

We are working hard to bring international competitions to MFL.

A word of caution

As long as you are eligible, you can enter your teams into as many tournaments as you like. However, make sure to keep your players' conditioning in mind. Some tournaments will impact fitness and player development, while others won't. Overusing your players will lead to fatigue and, in turn, poor performance on the pitch.

Users may eventually be able to create custom tournaments, but this will likely happen a little later down the line.

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