Drops are the primary way of obtaining MFL assets. They are scheduled releases of a specific batch of assets. During drops, users are able to purchase packs of varying rarity that contain one or multiple assets for a specified price.

Make sure to be on time! The supply is limited and drops can end very quickly. Drops are announced well ahead of time in most cases.

Player Drops

During player drops, users have the opportunity to purchase a limited supply of packs that contain MFL Players. Pack contents vary depending on the type of pack purchased.

To make things more exciting, luck also plays a part. A rare or legendary player could end up in any player slot. A common player slot, for example, has a 5% chance of containing an uncommon player, a 1% chance of containing a rare player, and a 0.2% chance of containing a legendary player.

The figures shown below are indicative only and may be subject to change.

There will be no more than six player drops in anticipation of the inaugural MFL season. Please read the Medium article below if you would like to learn more about player drops.

The thrill of getting your pack and discovering what’s inside is unmatched! We think the MFL pack-opening experience is just as exciting as ripping open a physical collectible pack. If you're lucky, you might land some Rare or Legendary players!

Club Drops

We are very excited for the first Club Drop, where users will be able to secure a Club License and start their adventure as Club Owners. Make sure to keep an eye out for the announcement!

Other Drops

If you have been over to Other Assets, you know that we are planning to bring new kinds of assets to the ecosystem whenever possible. We will organize a drop for each new asset category.

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