MFL Whitepaper v1.0
Metaverse Football League, or MFL for short, is a web3 football management game that lets users forge their own path. In MFL, you can guide your players toward a successful, lucrative career. You can also build and manage your very own football club, compete in leagues and tournaments, and interact with other users to strike deals. You will have the chance to earn exciting rewards while you try to conquer the footballing Metaverse.
We are designing a multi-faceted ecosystem that emulates the workings of the real Footballing world. MFL lets users tailor their own experiences, giving them complete control over their level of involvement, personal goals, and interactions. From representing a single player as an Agent to being at the helm of a football empire, the options are virtually limitless.
The world of MFL stands on three pillars: Football, Gaming, and Blockchain.


Football, aka The Beautiful Game or Soccer, is the most popular sport in the world, with some of the most ardent supporters. An estimated four billion fans watched the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Thanks to a recent rise in interest in some of the most populous nations in the world, Football is continuing to make its mark as a truly global sport. In fact, an audience of five billion is expected for this year's upcoming World Cup. Football can be played pretty much anyhow, anywhere, and is one of the most decentralized sports out there. These are some of the reasons why so many are enamored with the game, and they are notions we cherish and strive to bring to MFL, too.


With each new release, sports management games continue to draw large numbers of gamers worldwide. The biggest sports video game franchises now include a management mode. FIFA's Career Mode and 2k's MyGM attract millions of players eager to become managers and achieve success both on and off the field. The last two editions of Football Manager—the leading football management game franchise—have been their most successful yet. Just over a month after its initial release, FM22 was reporting that 1.5 million devoted fans had managed 120 million matches over 2 million simulated seasons.


By harnessing the power of NFTs and blockchain technology, we are looking to give football fans a fresh take on the sports management genre. Our goal is to continue paving the way for mainstream adoption of web3 applications through a fun, captivating experience that caters to football fans of all backgrounds, all over the world. We think that blockchain technology has the power to revolutionize the gaming experience, and we are not the only ones: According to a May study, the NFT Games market size was estimated to be US$776.9 million in 2021 and is expected to reach just under US$3 billion by 2028. Blockchain allows us to add a whole new dimension to the ecosystem. In MFL, each in-game asset is a fully tradeable, one-of-a-kind non-fungible token. MFL users collectively have custody of the entire ecosystem's tradeable asset base, and every transaction will be verifiable. However, and while we embrace the fact that a fully user-owned economy—and the ability to create value from playing—are exciting prospects, we will never lose sight of our chief objective: Building a game people play to have fun, above all else. Our ambition is to create a high-quality game that stands the test of time.

Join us!

We are fortunate to have such an engaged and passionate group supporting the project, and we can't wait to see the community grow. We fully intend to stay as open and transparent as we have been all along, and wholeheartedly welcome feedback, suggestions, and community-led initiatives.
On that note, we hope you enjoy the read, and that you will join us if you haven't already.
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